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We are professionals in cleaning Deface notes, coated note, Anti-breeze banknotes, etc.
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Our chemical solution can clean disfigured currency, such as Euros, Pounds, Dollars and many others. We are professionals in cleaning Deface notes, coated note, Anti-breeze banknotes, etc. We also specialize in the manufacture of chemical solution SSD and mercury activation powder used in cleaning all types of blackened, contaminated and defaced banknotes. Our experts are highly capable and for all time ready to deal with the cleaning completely. We have many professionals in the laboratory who are assigned to clean the disfigured coin. Our chemical solution is very effective and reliable.

Our solution is 100% pure with guarantee. We clean all kinds of black, green, white or disfigured note. Air breezed anti air powders, activation powder and many other products used to clean black bills. We offer the best professional services.
The SSD solution in its full range is the best chemical in the market for cleaning Anti Breeze banknotes, disfigured currency and marked notes. You will be surprised by the activation power and speed of this chemical SSD. It is capable of cleaning bills / coins with BREEZE capacity. We offer machines for large cleanings and also deliver products to any location desired by our potential customers.
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Our vision is to be the world's leading producer of high-security and valuable chemicals in the world, reliable and world leader, and offer our services to all who knock at our door.

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We perform cleaning work under different processes, for example, antifreeze preparations and prepared defrosting liquids, SSD solution. Vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution, disfigured coin, cleaning chemical. Darkened coin, black-coated bills, black cleaning money, super-automatic SSD solution, anti-breeze banknotes. We melt and reactivate the frozen chemicals and offer 100% cleaning for bills such as the dollar, the euro, the pounds, the rands and the transfer of colours from the used notes to the new white banknotes. We work online and follow the rules and currency rules of the country established to avoid inflation.